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About us

Online Butler Service is the best and cheapest virtual butler service on the market. Real butlers are available 24/7 to pick up any task you require them to do! Anything that pops in your head, you can ask your butler through our user-friendly web app, and he / she will pick it up in no time!

When I listed all the things I had to do, my new VA left me a comment on the list saying “Take it one thing at a time and you’ll get there”. I loved her from that moment on because she got me. Like, she did what I’ve done for others – felt what they couldn’t say and spoke right to that. I appreciate her support (in all the ways she provides it!)

Hilary Brownson

A week ago I sat on sandy island carriacou with a rum punch, a story book, and was able to switch off. All thanks to Allison, my Assistant

Karen Deeley

My online assistant makes me feel like I can accomplish more than I’d ever imagined.

David Lynchberg